Zoom Rest API - V2


Hi dev,

     What is difference b/w v1 and v2? Which one to use? Where I can find GetUserByEmail address in v2?



I think it’s just the next version which is coming soon but not finished yet. So maybe use v1 for now.


Thanks for info. Can you please have a look on https://zoom.github.io/api/#get-user-by-email-address-and-login-type ? This is from v1 but I am not able to see it in v2. If I use v1 then after v2 support is available for v1 or we need to switch from v1 to v2?


Hi Priyank,

For your specific question, there won’t be a separate endpoint for that call, you’ll be able to pass an id or an email to https://zoom.github.io/api/v2/#retrieve-a-user


V2 will be released soon, the docs are still preview and undergoing changes. Depends how far a long you are in your development to wait for v2 (end of month) or continue v1.


Tacking this on to the v2 discussion:

Is there any plan to up the API call limits in v2? I am seeing the reduced API requests (~10r/s on most functions) listed in the v2 documentation, but I also see that many endpoints have been cut into smaller pieces. This means I could be making 3 or 4 extra calls per endpoint, on a lower QPS.

The QPS used to be 25, and was cut down without much notice sometime in the last few months. Relying on webhooks becomes difficult, as  “Zoom recommends always verifying the data included in a notification with an API query.” This advice to check each incoming meeting cuts further into the QPS available to run requests.

In short, is there any plan to alleviate the QPS restrictions, given what appears to be the request-heavy design of v2?


Hi Carl,

I don’t know of any further changes coming as far as rate limits.

I think the notice “…always verify…” could be expanded; If your taking a critical action based on a notification, say deleting a record for some reason upon “ENDED” notification, you might want to verify it (I’ve been asked the questions a few times, not sure everything needs to be verified… I could be wrong, but from my perspective I don’t see why)

Which endpoints do you envision causing you problems? Feel free to shoot me an email (joshua.woodward@zoom.us) to discuss maybe some optimization or alternatives to your QPS issues.


Hi Joshua,

For https://zoom.github.io/api/v2/#retrieve-a-user required parameter is “user ID”, By saying "you’ll be able to pass an id or an email " you mean I can pass emailId or hostId as value for parameter UserId? Both will work? 




Yes, docs are still in progress…


Hi Joshua,

    Can you please answer https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/community/posts/115019746623-API-Retrieve-a-user?