Minimal local webapp installation



i want to use the local js - webapp, but do not want to deploy it via the built-in http-nodejs server but directly via lighttpd.

the problem is that on nodejs - startup (‘npm run start’) a dynamic app.min.js is generated, which is served via nodejs-http. clearly, this does not work with lighttpd/apache/nginx/… as app.min.js actualy does not exist as a file.

what is the correct procedure to install the webapp with minimal external dependencies (i.e., all needed libraries should be served locally)? i guess i need a workflow looking like:

  1. npm init
  2. npm i zoomus-jssdk
  3. include minimal/local JS library set in custom html page (i.e. import zoom api)
  4. use zoom api via SDK calls

what is the correct procedure for step 3? also, is there a way to do a ‘npm build’ to obtain a static ‘dist’ folder?

thx in advance


Hi @harald.glanzer1,

Thanks for your use case, have you took a look at integrating Web SDK doc[0]? The doc link should include the minimal external decencies needed. Right now JSSDK dosen’t include a npm build to obtain a dist folder.