Missing Additional Plans on /accounts/me/plans/usage

When using the Zoom API via the endpoint /accounts/me/plans/usage, the Additional Plans are no longer displayed as usual for approx. 1-3 weeks.
Only the following output appears:

  "plan_base": {
    "type": "edu20",
    "hosts": 550,
    "usage": 516,
    "pending": 0
  "plan_recording": {
    "free_storage": "280 GB",
    "free_storage_usage": "0",
    "plan_storage": "0",
    "plan_storage_usage": "0",
    "plan_storage_exceed": "0"

According to Zoom Billing Master API, the “additional plans” such as webinars, large meetings, conference rooms, etc. should also appear here.

These are also listed at Sign In | Zoom. But not via API.

Hi @rkorn
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I am happy to help here!
I will send you a private message to get more details about this issue so I can look into this!

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