Missing Documentation: enableEchoCancellation, enableHighFidelityMusicMode, or enableStereoAudio Fail Unless Mic Original Input is Enabled

Zoom VideoSDK 1.50


Calls to enableEchoCancellation or enableHighFidelityMusicMode Fail Unless Mic Original Input is Enabled. The documentation says nothing about this relationship and should be updated to avoid developer confusion.

I hope documenting this here helps someone save some time.


Both enableEchoCancellation and enableHighFidelityMusicMode return ZMVideoSDKErrors_Wrong_Usage unless those calls are proceeded by the call

[[[ZMVideoSDK sharedVideoSDK] getAudioSettingHelper] enableMicOriginalInput:YES]

How To Reproduce


[[[ZMVideoSDK sharedVideoSDK] getAudioSettingHelper] enableEchoCancellation:NO]


[[[ZMVideoSDK sharedVideoSDK] getAudioSettingHelper] enableHighFidelityMusicMode:YES]


[[[ZMVideoSDK sharedVideoSDK] getAudioSettingHelper] enableStereoAudio:YES]

and check the error return code. It will be ZMVideoSDKErrors_Wrong_Usage


Now try the making the three calls above after calling

[[[ZMVideoSDK sharedVideoSDK] getAudioSettingHelper] enableMicOriginalInput:Yes];

The error code for the three calls listed above is now ZMVideoSDKErrors_Success.

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Hi @mark_coniglio , thanks for reporting this, we’ll work to get this confirmed and added to the documentation/reference. The errors could be clearer here for sure.