Enabling "high quality audio mode" on windows SDK

I have 2 questions regarding the “high quality audio mode”:

  1. How does the “mic original input” feature compares to the “high quality audio mode”? What exactly does each option do?

  2. How can the high quality audio mode be enabled on windows SDK custom UI?


Hi @bragma,

Thanks for the post. Regarding your questions:

Are you referring to the Original Sound and the High Fidelity Music Mode? The original sound allows you to preserve the sound from your mic without using Zoom’s echo cancellation and audio-enhancing features. The high fidelity music mode not only disables the echo cancellation, but also eliminates the audio compression and raises the audio codec quality.

You may find more information here:

The high fidelity music mode was introduced in client 5.2.2, while the latest version of SDK is based on the client 5.2.1, so this feature is not yet available in SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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Hi @Carson_Chen, thanks for answering. Can you also please give a look to this?

We are trying to use original sound in our custom UI SDK based client but are a bit confused about exactly what related methods do.


Hi @bragma,

Thanks for the reply. Yes definitely.