Missing some of webhooks when the user type is upgraded or for basic users

Hi, all!

We have Free Trial plan and get all notifications for licensed user (it was not upgraded from basic), but when the another user is basic or type is upgraded to licensed - some of webhooks are not sent.

Types of used events:
Create Meeting
Start Meeting
End Meeting
Participant/Host joined meeting

Missing some of webhooks when the user type is upgraded or for basic users.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

I investigated on the forum and found the information that webhooks can only be used for the Pro plan or higher.
Is it so? Since there is no information about this in the API Zoom API Events - Meeting for the events that we use.

Also, please tell me, if the plan is updated, will webhooks work for basic users?

dev emails = nikita.shapovalov@tech-stack.io, viktoria.obukhova@tech-stack.io
app clientId = [REDACTED]
notification endpoint url=https://1980-84-47-12-130.ngrok.io/rest/api/v1/zoom/webhook/meeting_event

time frame of affected instances=2022-04-18 13:48
For this meeting we have 3 events, but meeting.started event is missed.


Welcome, @viktoria.obukhova,

Thank you for posting. First, can you share if meeting started events are not being sent to your endpoint ? To answer your question some Webhooks require a pro or higher plan. This information will be listed in the Prereuirsties section of the Webhook. For example, Meeting has been created does not require pro plan:

While Meeting Registration has been created does require A Pro or a higher plan.

Let me know if this helps to clarify.


Thanks! We fixed the problem by updating the plan.