Missing `user.updated` webhooks when upgrading Zoom account from basic -> pro

When a user upgrades their Zoom account from basic to pro, we are not receiving a user.updated webhook. We do receive an webhook when other users within the account upgraded to pro.

Missing a webhook when the account is upgraded.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

  1. Create a new account and user with a basic plan
  2. Authenticate the user with the app
  3. Upgrade the account and user to pro
  4. See there is no webhook
  5. Add a new basic user to the account
  6. Authenticate the new user with the app
  7. Upgrade the new user to pro
  8. See there is a user.updated webhook for the new user showing the type change

Hey @ryan,

I don’t understand what you are saying the difference is between the two flows.

Are you saying that the webhook is not firing for users using your app outside of your Zoom account?


I’ll clarify the scenario:

There is an account with “Account Type: Free” and two users with type “Basic”.

The account is upgraded to “Account Type: Pro” and one of the users is concurrently upgraded to type “Licensed”, we will not receive the users.update webhook.

If the second user is subsequently upgraded to type “Licensed”, we correctly receive users.updated for that user.

IOW, users.updated is not sent for the first upgraded user when concurrently upgrading the entire account.

Hey @ryan, thanks for clarifying!

I am guessing this is happening because Webhooks are for Pro or higher Zoom Plans.


I’m not sure that is true, is it? With a basic account, I can change my display name and I receive a user.updated webhook.

Hey @ryan,

We are investigating this issue and will get back to you. (ZOOM-138836) Can I have your App ID?



Our app id is: YrJ5gQkpSVikdYkHxwoACw

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Thanks @ryan,

We will get back to you!


Hey @ryan,

After looking into the issue, it looks like we do not support that flow yet.

We will add this as a feature request. (ZOOM-139123)


Hey @ryan,

The team has approved the feature request, and we have added it to our backlog.

Stay updated here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog