Missing webhook events on June 17/18

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
We rely on various webhook events like meeting.participant_joined and meeting.participant_left

A bunch of webhook events are missing for a total of 56 meetings around June 17/18. There are many missing webhook events when comparing the webhook events we did receive to the dashboard view of participants in the meeting. For example, we received no webhook events for certain users who apparently attended the meetings. Our systems were functional as far as we can tell and we have no evidence of receiving these events at all (we log the payload as soon as our webhook endpoint is hit but are missing those logs) so I would like to know from Zoom’s side whether these events were sent. I can provide meeting IDs and details via DM.

No error

How To Reproduce
N/A, just happened June 17/18

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