Missing `participant-leave` webhook events

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We use participant join/leave webhooks to determine the amount of time two participants were engaged together in a meeting. Occasionally, albeit infrequently, we miss some participant-leave events making this calculation prone to error. Are there any mechanisms in place to have this process be more robust?

My issue seems to be similar to this thread:

Hi @RickBob ,

What the dates you noticed missed webhooks? At times, we have had outages that affected webhook delivery.


Hi Gianni,
We had a couple of incidents today 12/14/2021.

This first meeting was missing two join events

Meeting ID: [REDACTED]

|2021-12-08 1:29:22|registration-created|
|2021-12-08 1:29:22|registration-created|
|2021-12-14 6:51:37|recording-start|
|2021-12-14 6:51:39|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 6:52:45|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 6:56:02|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 7:46:23|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 7:53:27|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 7:53:44|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 7:53:46|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 7:53:58|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 8:03:27|recording-stop|

This second meeting was missing one leave event:

Meeting ID: [REDACTED]

|2021-12-10 14:57:23|registration-created|
|2021-12-10 14:57:23|registration-created|
|2021-12-14 13:29:52|recording-start|
|2021-12-14 13:29:56|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 13:30:48|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 13:31:13|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 13:31:57|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 13:32:47|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 13:34:42|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 13:35:13|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 13:41:32|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 13:42:08|participant-join|
|2021-12-14 13:56:50|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 13:57:53|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 13:57:57|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 13:57:58|participant-leave|
|2021-12-14 14:02:10|recording-stop|

Greetings, @RickBob,

Thank you for sharing that information. As a next step, would you be able to send your account details along with the missing Webhook Events to developersupport@zoom.us? From there we can look at your account and see what may be happening.


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