Missing webhook events

We use an account level integration with our clients to integrate with their zoom meetings and download recordings. A common issue is that webhooks are never received.

We process ~10k meetings per month, with hundreds missing webhooks - ie recording.started is received, but recording.completed is never sent. Or meeting.started is never received but other hooks are. There is no pattern in the missing hooks, it seems random.

We understand no service can be perfect, but the issue has been particularly bad this February, and it’s negatively effecting the quality of service we can provide to our customers.

In February, we had 845 recording.completed without a corresponding recording.started (compared to 34 in January).

In February, we had 257 recording.started without a corresponding recording.completed (compared to 10 in January)

Is this a known issue? Are there any known mitigations?

Below is a sample of ID’s where we are missing recording completed web hooks but we have a recording started webhook:

  • 94323936769
  • 81918622606
  • 87644722201
  • 87193138803
  • 98933366268
  • 96839556449
  • 96569103886
  • 94439778862
  • 81444207757
  • 93131152100

Have you looked at the overall latency of the events that are making it through? We also manage a large volume of meetings and are seeing the same which led me to do an analysis on the latency we were seeing for all webhook callbacks. Occasional high webhook latency with no corresponding call log entry. In addition to the delivery delays, there are instances where we’re not receiving the request at all. I assume this is zoom giving up after multiple retries, but as I show in that thread, I’m pretty sure the delivery failures point to a problem on the zoom side, and not with our endpoint.

Hi @jluker @will-decker ,

Thank you so much for this feedback. We are actively communicating webhook issues with our service engineering team. Please open support tickets with the necessary detail outlined here to get in front of service engineering eyes:


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