Mobile app meeting view i want to hide visible password

zoom mobile app (android) after i am join the meeting on top view i am able to see meeting id and entered password so may i know how to hide or disable top visible password.
below i attached image meeting view

Hi @jadhavramkrishna7,

This is using the Zoom Android SDK or the Zoom native client?


Hi Michael,
Thank you for giving reply,
I am using this meeting client rest api,
if find hiding password any field in create api but i did not get,
please can you tell me how to how hide password from this api.


Hi jadhavramkrishna7,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. If you would like to hide the password shown in the title, in your Android SDK code, set the meeting views options before you start a meeting:

opts.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD;

You may refer to the implementation in our demo:


Hi Carson_Chen,
Thank you for giving reply,
I am not using Zoom SDK. I am using zoom Rest api call
as meeting participants I install Zoom mobile app in my mobile in that in after Join meeting button in enter my meeting id which is grated from zoom meeting create rest api call and password but in mobile view page i able to see password so i have to hide it.

i am using this zoom rest call =>

so can tell from this api call how to hide password.


Hey @jadhavramkrishna7,

Unfortunately there is no way to hide the password on the Zoom Mobile app via the Create Meeting API or any setting.

If you would like to suggest this as a feature request, open a ticket here: