MobileRTC Enable bitcode


Hello Wei, Support team,

Good day!

We integrated MobileRTC framework to our app but it required our project to disable Bitcode. But we are recieving build/link errors right now since our other dependencies(other framework) require bitcode is enabled. Can you provide us with a new build of MobileRTC.framework with Bitcode Enabled?

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Additionally, this is the supported architecture of our project:


Hello Wei,


Alright, we will contact Zoom Support.


Hi Cleofas,

Currently Zoom iOS SDK don’t support Bitcode enabled. Some of our lower level libraries, for example: OpenSSL need build with bitcode disabled. 

sorry for the confusion.





Hello Wei,

Thanks for the response and clarification. We understand.
We have one more question though, is MobileRTC built with Standard Architectures(armv7, arm64)? 

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Hello again Wei,

We encountered this build error during Archive:  ‘unable to insert branch island. No insertion point available. for architecture armv7’. We managed to workaround this by forcefully setting our app to build only on arm64 architecture. 

Now upon uploading to Appstore, we encountered multiple errors: Unwanted architecture dynamic libraries(might be side-effect of workaround in archiving issue) in MobileRTC, we managed to workaround this by running a script that strips down those unwanted architecture. 

Another issue we encountered during upload is already submitted here:, and we’re still working on a solution for this.

If possible, we’d like to know your insights on this matter, and it would be awesome if you could help us solving this issue. 

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HI Cleofas Villarin

I have the same issue. “unable to insert branch island. No insertion point available. for architecture armv7”. I had to do the same thing, by excluding “armv7” from the valid architectures. Although, I need to run the application on an iPhone 5 as well.

Have you gotten anywhere with it? 


Prakash Raman