MobileRTC ios_getpid()

Dear Zoom Developer Team,

Recently I got new crash on firebase crashlytics about ios_getpid() crash
The log trace and issue is same like this topic Crash in zoom client SDK(ios) - ios_getpid()

Which Client iOS SDK version?
SDK Version: zoom-sdk-ios-5.4.54802.0124
Xcode version: Xcode 12.2

To Reproduce(If applicable)
I’m not sure where and when the crash exist


  • Device: iPhone 11

  • OS: i0S 14.4.0 (18D52)

  • Device: iPhone X

  • OS: i0S 14.2.0 (18B92)

I hope I can get the solution, thanks for your help

Best Regards,

Hey @bayuaslamaa,

Thanks for using the dev forum! It is nice to see you again :slight_smile:

Hmm, that is interesting. We will keep an eye out for other reports of this crash with the latest version. However, investigation is hard without reproduction steps. Please let us know if this happens again or if any more information comes up.


Hey @Michael_Condon,

Thanks for responding my question,

Okay, I will tell you if I get more information or if this happens again, For now I also get new crash with log / trace :

Crashed: Thread
0  MobileRTC                      0x10299df50 TermSBPTUIModule(Cmm::ICmmMessageQueueClient*) + 4129996
1  MobileRTC                      0x103b03108 TermSBPTUIModule(Cmm::ICmmMessageQueueClient*) + 22369924
2  MobileRTC                      0x103b03f54 TermSBPTUIModule(Cmm::ICmmMessageQueueClient*) + 22373584
3  MobileRTC                      0x103326928 TermSBPTUIModule(Cmm::ICmmMessageQueueClient*) + 14126756
4  MobileRTC                      0x103326550 TermSBPTUIModule(Cmm::ICmmMessageQueueClient*) + 14125772
5  MobileRTC                      0x10332bcb4 TermSBPTUIModule(Cmm::ICmmMessageQueueClient*) + 14148144
6  libsystem_pthread.dylib        0x1ec4a3c9c _pthread_start + 288
7  libsystem_pthread.dylib        0x1ec4a8880 thread_start + 8

It happen with iPhone X 14.4.0(18D52), but I cannot find where and when it happened, do you know how to solve it?

Thank you

Best Regards,
Bayu Aslama

Hey @bayuaslamaa,

Unfortunately, I do not :confused: Crash analytics are tough.


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