MobileRTC Missing UDID

(Missing UUID de6f1e0804a3393aa59548242b5966e4)
On Firebase Crashlytics it is Showing this crash, Both Firebase and Xcode Crash are attached

I recently Upgraded Zoom Meeting SDK to latest 5.17.11 in my iOS App,
Xcode 15.1
We Supported iOS 13.0 or later
Previous version of Zoom which was running perfectly was 5.16.5

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

  1. I am just trying to Join or Start meeting
  2. Able to Join/Start meeting successfully
  3. After 2 seconds I get this crash


  • iPad 8the gen
  • iPad OS 17.3.1

I have also got the Xcode crash logs how can I share them here

Zoom SDK 5.16.5 works perfectly with the same code.

@chunsiong.zoom can you please look into this issue and help.
@developers.rakle @developer-whova @iOS-Dev-Work @ios_feifei @infinixsoft.ios @zoom_share_ios

@carson.zoom @zoom.zoom @zoom90 @zoomuser-16 @zoom87 @zoom60
Any idea on this crash?

Hello guys Please help, if you. can.
@chunsiong.zoom @chunnukv07 @chungjordan
@zoomphoneccr @IOSDev @ios_feifei @iOS-Dev-Work @infinixsoft.ios @zoom_share_ios

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