MobileRTCAuthError_Unknown from iOS SDK sample application

Download the iOS SDK from Github here:

I added my API key + secret into the code, and ran the sample on my device.

I’m getting a MobileRTCAuthError_Unknown from SDKAuthPresenter+AuthDelegate.m

  • (void)onMobileRTCAuthReturn:(MobileRTCAuthError)returnValue

Is there a newer version of the SDK out or something else I’m missing?

Hi lee,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The SDK initialization expects a SDK key & secret. The API key & secret is used to authenticate with Zoom REST API. Please visit Marketplace and generate a SDK app to get the SDK key & secret.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson, thanks for the reply.

I previously was using an SDK key & secret created on the API site.

Values from the App Credentials tab were pasted into the code as instructed.
// SDK init
[[[SDKInitPresenter alloc] init] SDKInit:navVC];

//4. MobileRTC Authorize
[[[SDKAuthPresenter alloc] init] SDKAuth:kSDKKey clientSecret:kSDKSecret];

I’m running Zoom’s MobileRTC sample code from Github. The only modifications are the app-id, the API key, and secret.

The error 5 ‘MobileRTCAuthError_Unknown’ is still occurring

Hi lee,

Thanks for the info. Yes, the SDK app is the one shown in your screenshot and you could get the SDK key & secret in it. Please have a try with the following step:

  1. Navigate to AppDelegate.h:
  2. Set kSDKKey and kSDKSecret to be your SDK key & secret, set kSDKDomain to be “
  3. Connect your iOS device to Xcode, and build the app

Please make sure you are using the SDK key & secret, not API key & secret;

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thank you for your help Carson.

The error has gone away. The fix came after changing the domain to I previously had the domain set to something different.

Glad to hear that it is working. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile: