MobileRTCPreviewVideoView doesn't display anything

I start the stream and users can see what I am streaming, but all I see is black screen. I implemented MobileRTCPreviewVideoView and it displays black screen with “Powered by Zoom” watermark over it.

Hi muhannad,

Thanks for the post. It might be hard to find the root cause based on the information provided. Could you provide the following info:

  1. What is the SDK version you are using?
  2. How do you create or use a MobileRTCPreviewVideoView? (Code snippet would be helpful)
  3. Do you have any SDK log so we could further investigate?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


  1. We using the latest SDK version [v4.6.15084.0206]
  2. The way I initialize the view
private let view_self: MobileRTCPreviewVideoView = {
    let view = MobileRTCPreviewVideoView()
    return view
  1. No special logs

Hi muhannad,

Thanks for the reply. Based on the code snippet, I am not able to identify why it is not working. I have forwarded this to the engineering team for further investigation. Will get back to you shortly.