MobileRTCVideoRawDataDelegate functions not called in OpenGLViewController

The delegate functions of MobileRTCVideoRawDataDelegate in OpenGLViewController in MobileRTCSample project are not called.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Build project
  2. Join the meeting using meeting ID and password
  3. Launch OpenGLViewController
  4. Only see black screen. No full video or thumbnail videos
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Hi ke.qin,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The raw data feature is not a publicly available feature so it does not work in regular account at the moment.


Thank you for your reply. Do you have a timeline that this feature is gonna be available?

Hi ke.qin,

Thanks for the reply. Let me contact you shortly.



I’d love to process video raw data in my app. Are you saying I can’t call this API with my Zoom regular account. If this is the case, then why this API is listed here, for testing/debugging purpose only? Can you clarify this further? Thanks!

Hi t.kefeng,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Yes, the raw data feature is not publicly available yet, it requires additional raw data license to use it.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

I also want the app to process the raw video data in my app.
What is an “additional raw data license”?
Please tell me about “additional raw data license”

Hi @ttanimura,

The raw data feature is in the beta testing stage, and it is not publicly available at the moment so this feature does not work in the SDK. We used to open to apply for the raw data license so that developers could have early access to this beta testing feature and provide feedback. Right now we have suspended the raw data license request process so we do not offer a raw data license at the moment. We will continue to investigate the feasibility to make this feature more accessible.