MobileRTCVideoUnitAspectMode affect the video quality

I set MobileRTCVideoUnitAspectMode is VIDEO_ASPECT_FULL_FILLED and VIDEO_ASPECT_PAN_AND_SCAN. both is affected my video quality totally damaged my video. also feel some delay in the video. I requirement is need full screen video with original video quality

Hi @dhanapriya, thanks for using the dev forum.

When changing the aspect mode of the video you are trying to display, using anything other than the original aspect mode can impact the appearance of the video either via cropping or stretching. However, these should not lower the quality of video or increase the latency.

If you are seeing a decrease in resolution, it is most likely caused by a change in network conditions and/or a limit imposed by the back end based on how many active video subscriptions you currently have.

I requirement is need full screen video with original video quality

Depending on the resolution of the original video being sent, this may not be possible. In order to achieve the highest possible resolution, I would recommend only having one active video subscription at a time. While you cannot directly control the resolution, this will ensure that there are as few limiting factors to the video’s quality as possible.


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