Video Quality degraded on Android SDK

Hi guys,

We’ve upgraded to the latest ZOOM SDK and we noticed that on SPEAKER VIEW we’re getting worse resolution than the previous version (5.7.0).

Also it was interesting to see that MeetingSettingsHelper::setEnable720p its deprecated… but if we remove that, the resolution gets really, really bad, like 180p.
Need some advices from you guys, what we can do to get a better video image? At least to get the same quality we had before would be very nice.
Our processor is arm7a so you guys support it. Also in AndroidManifest.xml we have the follow on both application and activity registries:


Any thoughts on that?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @casmeiron,

The reason that method was deprecated is because Android does not currently support receiving 720p video. That being said, this should not impact lower resolution video behavior. Let’s get some additional information to narrow down the cause:

  • Are you seeing the decrease in resolution on the sending side, receiving side, or both?
  • Do you have adequate bandwidth on your network? You can post a speed test’s results here to be sure.
  • Is the resolution you are seeing in your app the same as what you are seeing when running the sample app?


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