Mode for sharing Music Digital Audio Workstations (like Logic, Garageband, ProTools, Ableton, Cubase)

I’m a musician who produces and teaches over Zoom. I screen share my DAW (program used for audio creation, I mostly use Logic) in working with students and clients. It’s an amazing tool for teaching, because I can allow remote access to let students do work in my DAW, or the DAW on their computer.

Too often, certain elements with in the program (whether that be an audio file, midi file, a plugin) do not share seamlessly in Zoom, and there is substantial lag in transmitting the screen share video, or elements do not show up at all. There is also considerably more lag when giving remote access to someone else while running a DAW than other screenshared websites.

Zoom has a beta of a live performance mode that heavily limits latency in an effort to allow the performance of live music. If Zoom could have a “music production mode”, allowing more streamlined sharing of DAWs, it would really help my business and allow for new possibilities for my colleagues and myself.

I contacted Zoom tech support, and they recommended the following options. I have a Mac, so two of them don’t really apply to me. I’m excited to see if the other option (#1) has a huge impact.

Solution 1:
Users have found that disabling hardware acceleration for screen sharing will alleviate the issue, allowing them to share content normally again.

  1. Open the Desktop Client and access ‘Settings’
  2. Navigate to ‘Share Screen’ then Advanced
  3. Uncheck the following Settings under ‘Use hardware acceleration for’
  4. Verify if the problem still exists.

Solution 2: Disable Display Adapter 2

  1. On windows, START > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Display Adapters > Check how may display drivers are active.
  2. If two display drivers are active at a time, Right click on the listed display (common is the intel integrated graphics accelerator) and select DISABLE

Note: Do not select uninstall just disable as this may cause further problems.

Solution 3: When NVIDIA display adapter is used, try below solution which should help:

I was told this would not completely solve the problem; I’m sure there are other applications for solving this issue, and it would really have a large positive impact on the professional audio community.


I did a trial run in a lesson with a student. We both changed the settings to turn on “Use TCP setting for Screen Share” and we both disabled the hardware acceleration settings.

This did get increased performance, and less lag for elements within the screen share for the DAW. There were still incomplete showings of plugins, but it was better than without these settings.

I wonder if sharing the Desktop instead of the DAW would help?

I need support for my music to online distribute