Monthly log report of all API calls used

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A monthly report where all API calls are shown for audit purposes.

Additional context
This report is being asked for a customer that has to audit all the API calls that Zoom platform receive from their app and want to be sure that the app is only calling certain API endpoints, due to the app is being developed by third party.

Hi @Jose_A_Pena,

This feature is not available at this time, but I can submit it as a user feature request. Alternatively, you can meet with a developer advocate such as myself that can check our back end for API calls up with the customer credentials from the past 6 months from the time of the meeting. We can verify what endpoints were called with those credentials.

If this sounds helpful, please connect with us via

Thank you,

Thanks Giovanni,

So the customer could ask the reports to you directly each month, correct?

They use JWT so with API key and secret should be enough, right?



Hi @Jose_A_Pena ,

We won’t be able to share our back end reports, but we would be able to verify which API endpoints were called within the 6 month period. We would just need their production client id, not their JWT secret :slight_smile:


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