MS Intune Settings

We are using MS Intune as our MDM solution and I am having an issue getting the Zoom app to behave like the Skype app does natively.

Current State (Zoom is installed on the iphone):

  1. User opens the managed email app from their phone and clicks on a Zoom meeting link.

2.  Zoom opens in the managed browser, sits there for a moment, then redirects to the App Store.

3.  User clicks on “Open” in the app store and Zoom opens.

4.  Zoom has no meeting data to be able to join the meeting.  If you manually type in the 9 digit meeting ID, the user can join.


The copy/paste policy is preventing this information to move from the managed email app to the phone app.  With Skype this is not an issue when a user clicks on a meeting link from the managed email client - it seamlessly opens up Skype and joins the meeting.  Skype is exempted in the policy so Copy/Paste of data from the managed email client works.  We need this same behavior for Zoom.


I have tried many various of entering different URL protocols into my exempt app policy in Azure, blade location - Home - Microsoft Intune - Client apps - App protection policies - Intune App Protection - Policy settings - Exempt apps, however nothing seems to work.  I am using the knowledge found here for the protocols -

Any assistance with this would be much appreciated!

For zoom official iOS meeting client already support join the meeting via URL protocols.

For SDK user, App needs to take care of URL protocols by itself.