Zoom for Intune


I’m not a developer, but wondered if anyone knew if there is a way to limit access to Zoom from iOS and Android to only the Zoom for Intune app and prevent the Zoom Cloud Meetings app? This will need to be controlled in Zoom as the mobile devices are BYOD and are not under management, but some apps are (MAM only). We want to apply Intune App Protection Policies to prevent data leakage, so only want the users to use the client we can control (Zoom for Intune) and not circumvent these security measures by using the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.



Hi @stuart.townsend, thanks for the post.

The client SDKs do not provide the functionality you are looking for, since they provide access to the entire Zoom ecosystem. As a result, any meeting that can be accessed through the SDK is potentially accessible through the Zoom client.

Our recently announced Fully Customizable SDK can provide the behavior you are looking for, but does not provide access to Zoom meetings in any way.