Getting Audio Recording Per Registrant

I am having trouble while trying to get audio recording per registrant.
I can see the multiple audio files recorded per registrant voice on my local computer, but I couldn’t find it uploaded to the cloud.
There is an option on my account setting called Record a separate audio file for each participant who speaks and this worked exactly what I wanted. But this saved recordings only on my local computer.

I checked the Recording Event Webhook for getting any idea of how the recordings work in cloud.

Here is the completed meeting webhook result.

“id”: “a6b332f9-2246-49e5-913e-588adc7f0f5f”,
“meeting_id”: “bpKUheqtRLifLBcIYVJLZw==”,
“recording_start”: “2019-07-23T22:14:57Z”,
“recording_end”: “2019-07-23T22:15:41Z”,
“file_type”: “M4A”,
“file_size”: 246560,
“play_url”: “”,
“download_url”: “”,
“status”: “completed”,
“recording_type”: “audio_only”

There is only meeting recording url, not individual audio recording file per participant.

Is there any solution or API for getting the multiple audio files recorded per registrant?

Thank you!

Hi @tiop08317, separate audio files are currently only a feature of Local Recording. When added to the cloud, these files are returned as a single file.

Hi @michael.harrington. Thank you for your reply.

Well Can you please tell me if I can get this audio stream using the Native SDK?

Here if I can get this stream or audio file, then I can upload this to my own cloud storage.


Hi @tiop08317, I believe this is only in beta testing for the SDKs. We’re working on making this widely available.

You can also get this data via the Live Streaming REST API

Hi @michael.harrington
Thank you so much for your fast reply.

  1. Can you please tell me if this MobileRTCAudioRawDataDelegate is available on WebSDK version?
    especially the events like onMobileRTCMixedAudioRawData to get stream data.
    Because I can see the js file for WebSDK is uglified or bundled.
  2. Also using this Live Streaming REST API, I was testing if I can get individual participant’s audio data from this stream. Can you please tell me if this contains audio channel per participant?

Thank you

Hey @tiop08317,

This is not currently availble on the Web SDK.

Currently the streams are not separated per participant, but you could use something like to do this.


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