Multiple javascript error when joining with slow network


When joining a meeting with very slow network, multiple javascript error occurs inside Zoom Web SDK libraries:

  • TypeError: h.a.getCanvasInfo is not a function
  • ReferenceError: JsMediaSDK_Instance is not defined
  • TypeError: P.sendSocket is not a function


Here is the full stack details for canvas error

Here is the full stack details for jsMediaSDK_Instance

Here is the full stack details for socket send


This happened for a client with very bad low download speed and it took very long to download zoom libraries and resources.
As you can see in the following screenshot:

  • it takes several seconds per resources to download
  • it seems that the join() process do not wait for the javascript resources web.min.js to be fully downloaded to start to request zoom API and then execute code to initialize zoom components. It seems to wait for the wasm libraries but not the other ones.

Could these error stack be generated because of these two libraries not being downloaded yet when the SDK execute its code on client side ?

Which version?
1.7.10 and i’m pretty sure this would also happen with 1.8.0 unless you completely changed internal behavior of these lib between both version - but i don’t think so as this was not described in the changes.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
It’s pretty hard to reproduce as you need very bad network conditions, but:

  1. simulate bad network conditions (slow download speed)
  2. join a meeting with the sample application

Additional context
Browser: Chrome latest release
OS : Any (window, mac os, linux)

Hey @nvivot,

Thanks for reporting this. Our Web SDK engineers are looking into this issue. (CS-2319)

I will report back with what they find. :slight_smile:


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