Multiple meeting in the same time

I want to develop a English teaching platform using zoom. My concept: 1 teacher and 1 student can join to 1 meeting ==> at the same time I want to create multiple meeting for many pairs of teachers and students. Current, I can schedule many meeting using API but I can’t join that meeting using SDK with 1 api key/secret.
I want the solution to this problem or any concept.
Thank you!

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In order to have more than one concurrent meeting, you need to create additional users under your Zoom account. You can either do this on the Zoom website, or via the Zoom API.

Once you have more than one user under your account, you will be able to schedule meetings for your users. Each user can have their own meetings, and you can join/manage them using the single key/secret.

Tommy explained it well here: Concurrent meeting in same time with different api key and secret (JWT app) - #4 by tommy


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Thanks for pointing them in the right direction, @alexmayo :100:


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