I want to create multiple meeting in same time with the help of JWT api for different account under single account owner

We are using zoom api to create meeting (JWT - account level app ). I know zoom doesn’t support concurrent meeting for same host account. I want to use different api key and api secret to create meeting in same time. So I need different JWT app (for different api key and api secret). We are using pro account type (One account owner, 5 admins and many members). We want to create concurrent meeting for our users in same time. But I can’t make more than one JWT app.
What is the procedure to create concurrent meeting with different JWT app or different api key and api secret?
Note: I have successfully created meeting via JWT app api key and api secret.

Please help me. I have already read many documents and post also. But I did not get correct guide line.

Hey @tigps.ariadaha.edu3,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to clarify.

JWT apps are limited to 1 per account, as these are account-wide. In order to host concurrent meetings, you do not need more than 1 JWT credential—rather, you need more than 1 host (licensed Zoom User).

So, for example, you could create a meeting via API, designating your first meeting with 1 host:
POST /users/{uniqueHost1}/meetings - Schedule for 12:00:00 on 11/21

Then you could create another meeting via API, designating a second, unique host:
POST /users/{uniqueHost2}/meetings - Schedule for 12:00:00 on 11/21

^ Both of these requests can be authenticated with the same JWT credentials. It’s the value you pass for the userId/email in the request URL that needs to be unique.

Let me know if this helps to clarify!