Join multiple meeting at time with same api key and secret key

in our web application, we have organization and in one organization we have multiple users so we do zoom integration at the organization level so every user of the organization has the same API key and secret key. so while I am creating a zoom meeting it’s from the same API key and secret key. it allows me to create the meetings and at zoom client side we are using zoom SDK please check this link

The problem is while you try to join the meeting from zoom client its give me the error “Another meeting is running”

Additional context
Do I need to purchase business account or what how can I join multiple zoom meetings
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Hey @kartik, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Are you using the same meeting numbers for all the meetings at the same time?


@tommy No i creating new meeting every time just apikey and secret key is same.

Hey @kartik,

The Web SDK supports running multiple meetings at once, however a single Zoom user can only be in one meeting at a time.

Are you trying to join multiple meetings at once?


Hi @tommy
I also have a same issue
We created SPA and used Web SDK
SPA created meetings via our API. Our API used Zoom JWT app creaddential (bussiness account)
Our API requested Zoom API and create meetings with same API/ secret keys meeting #1 and meeting #2

Then when we try to started meeting #1 and #2 in parallel - it shows “Another meeting is running” popup alert

So what we should do with Web SDK or JWT App or credentials to create meetings via API and then run via SDK meeting #1 and #2 in parallel?

Hey @frayeralex,

How are you generating the signatures for these meetings?


Hey @tommy

Me generated signature on our API side - used JWT App API/SECRET keys like on example,

Our JWT App has only one user - maybe reaseon in that we created many meetings where host one user and when one meeting running - othere cant run (“Another meeting is running” popup)

So if JWT APP have many users and will create meetings for each user and hosts in each meeting will be different - it should solve this issue?


Hey @frayeralex,

That is correct, one user / host can only be in one meeting at a time.

Let me know if that works!