Multiple users with one url issue

I am using rest apis with jwt auth.
I want to add attendees in meeting but there the issue is one attendee can pass their join url to other external user here I want to stop him.

Is it possible when a user joined meeting and with the same url if someone try then previous user exit from the meeting?

This is major issue I am facing, Please tell me how can i stop this?

I am adding attendee as registrant in meeting.

I have tried meeting password, shot registrant api to change status of registrant but it is not helpful. As the issue is coming if user has joined the meeting and other user with the same url coming in meeting, he has to put the meeting password and set name and able to join the meeting.

And Can we stop email to user when by api we are registering the user in meeting?

Hey @rohit,

How are other users joining via the unique join url that is sent to a user after you approve their registration? Do they have access to that users email?

How are the users getting the same url?

You can change your email settings in a few ways:

Or in the meeting or email settings.


Can’t we pass {
“settings”: {
“registrants_confirmation_email”: true
} while creating meeting instead of passing in update meeting.

If yes, Then it is not working when I pass while creating meeting.

Hey @rohit,

Per our documentation, "registrants_confirmation_email" does not exist on the Create Meeting Endpoint.

I would suggest calling the update endpoint after you receive the response from create endpoint to accomplish this.