Mute On Entry settings in the account settings is not applicable on the meeting in the web sdk

I want that all participants of a meetings join the meeting on mute. also I don’t want that anyone of them can unmute themselves. I saw this option in the account settings menu though even after activating it, it doesn’t seem to be applied on the meeting, everyone can unmute themselves.

is this applicable on the websdk or not?
Which version?
version 1.8

Hey @ramy.dridi,

The participants should join muted by default.

You can control the participants mute settings via the following functions:

  1. disableJoinAudio

  2. muteAll


the problem actually is that they can unmute themselves after joining, and want to show the join audio button because some of them will be allowed to unmute. any solution to that?

Hey @ramy.dridi,

The best way to do this would be to progrmatically hide / show the audio panel (disableJoinAudio / audioPanelAlwaysOpen) via the init function, and hide the mute button via JavaScript or CSS.

Let me know if that helps!


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