Mute participants without possibility to unmute through creating meteting with API

Is it any possibility to create meeting with muting participants without allowing participant to unmute themselves?
Such feature is available in web interface, but in API documentation I can’t find it, only muting from start (mute_upon_entry)

Hi @Sergei,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Community. We are happy to help you.

At the moment our APIs are designed for pre meeting and post meeting operations only. Which means that the feature you are requesting is currently unavailable via our apis.

You can consider using one of our SDKs if you want to implement the muteAll feature. Here are links to our Andriod and JS Web SDK muteAll features.

To find all of our SDKs, please visit:

Let me know if you have any additional questions.



Thank you for your help!

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No Worries! Let us know if you know anything else