My camera can't be found

I integrate with web js sdk 1.7.0. But web sdk can’t open my camera. if I use zoom’s web url example in chrome, I will get alert to allow open camera. I compare zoom web url and web js sdk in different environment.

another issue: I found js sdk will get fail if I set passWord=’’ when host does not set joining password.

leaveUrl: leaveurl,
isSupportAV: true,
screenShare: true,
disableInvite: true,

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Hey @guan_bj,

Are you using an https url?


I use web sdk in CDN mode, so I don’t understand how to set https. I have no chance to set https.


npm run https

localhost don’t need https, but other want to you access you localhost demo, need use https

open browser https://youip:9999