My has been suspended. What's the problem?

I am getting this when users try to authorize my app:

“You cannot authorize [App Name]”
"This app has been suspended by Zoom temporarily. Please contact Zoom App Marketplace support team for more details. "

I can’t find any details on why this happened and what needs to be done.


Have you been able to get in contact with our marketplace team since you posted this?

Check your email for details on why it happened, and reach out to Zoom support for clarification. In the meantime, consider using an alternative account or platform for meetings.

You have to contact to the Zoom support for more details about why account has been suspended. They provide you the valid reason.

I wasn’t because I couldn’t find where to go to contact the marketplace team. I did my best to update my app details and resubmit. It’s published now but I’m having issues with the API which didn’t exist before the suspension… It’s not easy to find the correct form to submit to talk directly to the marketplace team.

The error I’m getting is this: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[user:write:admin, user_info:read, user:read:admin, user_profile, user:read, user:write].” I cannot find these exact scopes in the list when submitting my app for approval…

I think Zoom rolled out new fine grain access permissions last week incompletely and also disallowed new apps using the classic permission even when the roll out is incomplete.

I raised this issue in a different post.

Hi Smith. Could you point me in the right direction? I am unable to find a direct form or contact to reach out to the team.

I have to say that Zoom app review has the worst process of all app stores I’ve dealt with. The review feedback messages are not clear and there is not way to communicate with the team to get clarification… Please please will someone respond???

Still getting no response to this…

@MaxM can you please! help?

Now getting this when I try to manage my app…