"This app has been suspended by Zoom temporarily" error message when trying to authenticate

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Hello! I am seeking clarification and assistance regarding an issue we have encountered with our app on the Zoom App Marketplace.

Despite the app being listed as “Published” on our Dashboard, users attempting to authenticate using OAuth have been receiving the following message: “This app has been suspended by Zoom temporarily. Please contact Zoom App Marketplace support team for more details.”
There is no way to further proceed at that point for the users.

This has caused confusion and inconvenience, as we were not aware of any issues that would warrant such a suspension.

Additionally, upon inspecting our Zoom App Marketplace dashboard for the app, we noticed that the Technical Design field is marked as a requirement. However, we were not notified about this being a mandatory prerequisite for maintaining our app’s published status.

Given these circumstances, we are seeking your assistance to understand:

  • The current status of our app – is it indeed suspended? If so, what are the reasons for this suspension?
  • The steps required to resolve any issues and reinstate our app to its fully functional, published status on the marketplace.
  • Information on the necessity and role of the Technical Design app in relation to our application’s operation and compliance.

Your prompt response and guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

How To Reproduce

  1. Admin zoom user installs our Zoom app (Zoom OAuth App) for admin to enable our service at the org level

Any updated on this? I’m having the same issue

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