Named Credentials for integration in Salesforce

I am looking to call Zoom from Salesforce by calling the API directly, as I need to make some calls in a Flow that isn’t supported by the Zoom marketplace app in Salesforce.

Here is what I’ve gotten in Salesforce so far:

  1. Created a named credential with JWT Tokens (I believe this is wrong though)
  2. Created an External service with the Zoom APIs, specifically for the report/users/{0}/meetings endpoint.
  3. Created a flow to call the above endpoint

When running the flow, this is the error I get:

Error Occurred: Unable to map response for parameter: 200 and invokable action: Zoom2.reportMeetings. Received response:

Due to the way Salesforce runs these external service calls the error message above is not particularly helpful (note the blank “Received response”). Also, since it is made through a Salesforce endpoint I can’t use Fiddler to see what the call to the Zoom endpoint looks like.

My first inclination is that my named credential to set up the JWT token was incorrect.

Has anyone on this forum had success creating a named JWT credential on Salesforce to call Zoom? I’ve successfully used JWT tokens in other apps but am not sure if I’m mapping things correctly in Salesforce.

Here is a screenshot of what the Salesforce side looks like when creating the credentials, and where I am unsure if I am properly mapping the fields:

Hey @jeremy.thomas,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Unfortunately, our team doesn’t have experience with this flow so I’m not able to help out here. However, I’m hoping a community member can provide some insight.

In the meantime, you may find the SFDC Integration to be useful.


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