Need authorise scope page for every request


We are doing an authorisation flow for Our app. When we authorise an account for the first time through web using the add app url zoom asks users to authorise the scopes, but in repetitive requests the scope authorise page is not displayed. We need that page to be displayed every-time.

I couldn’t find any documents regarding that, So can you guys please help with this.

Hi @usertestdelete92
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
If you are making changes to the app, make sure to Remove the app from your Local Test before making changes to your app and then Add it again to see this page displayed.

Hope this helps,

No, we are not removing the app from added apps or revoking the access token or making any changes.

We just want to show the consent screen for users whenever they click the authorisation link, like passing the parameter in OAuth2.0 (prompt=consent) in the request, So the user will know that they are authorising their account to the given app.

Is there any parameter (like :prompt=consent) that we can include in the request or is there any setting to make the page displayed every single time even the user has been authorised before.

I see, @usertestdelete92
Thanks for the clarification.
Unfortunately, I do not think there is a way to do this.
Once the app is authorized once, the user wont have to authorize it again, only if there are any scope changes on it.

Did we expect any updates regarding the prompt function in future, because if we have a prompt while accessing authorising link every-time, the user will know what is happening with their account.

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