Need client ID for Meeting SDK app

Dear Zoom Support,

My organization developed a Windows SDK app several years ago, which I am now maintaining. The app has the ability to start and join Zoom meetings and receives network commands to start/join, position windows, pin users, etc. When starting a meeting the app logs in using login credentials. However, the latest Meeting SDKs have dropped support for the Login() command in IAuthService. I’m investigating if it’s possible to start meetings using a Zoom access token (ZAK) following the PKCE flow described in these links:

I’m trying to request authorization and I’m getting an invalid client ID error. Our SDK credentials only include sdkKey and sdkSecret, there is no client ID. It seems like I need to create a “Zoom App” in order to get a client ID and also to register the redirect URI? Or perhaps I need to create a new Meeting SDK app?

Please advise how to get the client ID for a Meeting SDK app.



I might as well answer my own post. It seems that legacy projects don’t have client IDs and I would have to create a new project to get the new OAuth credentials. Since only one app can be created for each type, I’d have to do this from a different account.

Thank you for following up here, Bill @zoom18 , when I check my SDK app created around 3 years ago, my OAuth credentials were added after an update prompt in the Marketplace app view. Are you referring to a specifically labelled “legacy” SDK app type? I understand that you are not able to create multiple SDK apps on one account (at this time) but you should be generated an OAuth client even if it has been created previously. When did you create the app?

Hi Michael,

Ah, very interesting. Indeed, I now see there is an Update notification shown next to the app in the Created Apps page. So presumably if I do the update the OAuth credentials will be added, that makes sense. But I’m reluctant to do the update as the app is in production. Just to confirm, updating will simply add OAuth credentials and shouldn’t change the operation of the currently deployed app wrt the Zoom cloud?

FWIW, I created a new app from a different account and went through the OAuth procedure using Postman to fetch the access token and ZAK. I hardcoded the ZAK into the app and was able to start a meeting with the ZAK, so this POC test worked. It remains to figure out how to integrate the OAuth flow into our start procedure.


Just to complete this thread, we’ve decided not to try to integrate OAuth flow into our start procedure. Instead we’ve adopted a much simpler approach. Our accounts are set to not have waiting room. Hence PC clients can simply join the meeting, and we promote the main PC client to host status using a host key. There is no need to use Login or to Start the meeting via the SDK.

Thanks for help,