Need every participant email by using zoom apis

Hi Team,

As zoom is not supporting the emails of the participants, I tried to use registration in the meeting but automatic approval is not supported in instant or recurring meetings. This is a deadlock for me as attendance is getting affected.

Is there any way by which we can get the emails either by registration or passing any unique value/email to the Join URL of the meeting?

Please suggest.

Hi @buc, You need to bind meeting.registration_created Webhook event.

Then you need to get the registrant email from the payload and build put request /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants/status from the WebHook handler and auto approve that.

need to use API, please help with that.

@buc suggested the solution.

If still have any queries with the above solution then please share them here. Thanks

this isn’t the solution for sure.

Let me clear the requirement :

  1. Creating the meeting using PHP curl with Zoom API.
  2. Fetching the participants from meeting participants API.
  3. Email not coming from the API.

Anything I need to update in API while creating the meeting or receiving the participants will help

@buc You are mentioning past meeting participants’ emails?

yes correct, i am using them for attendance.

@buc for logged-in Zoom users joining you can get emails if you have HIPAA business associate agreement (BAA)

To overcome that I suggested the solution

  • Enable registration
  • Bind Webhook

→ once the event is received you will have the payload and get the participant’s email.

For your problem regarding auto approval :point_down:

I suggested :point_down:

I have used the same approach you shared, but the host still needs to admit the participants.

  1. I have created the meeting.
  2. I have registered the user.
  3. I have updated the status of the user.

@buc, Is there the waiting room enabled?

yes, do we need to disable it?

I am asking b/c of :point_up_2:

If you want participants to join meetings without admit, you need to disable the waiting room.