Need help in Converting from zoom developr account to producation account

We are converting from zoom development account to production account, so we are looking for the below answers, from the link below link.

1.Is the TOS/TOU URL set and in a valid URL format

2.Is the TOS/TOU URL live?

3.Is the Config URL set?

4.If “Installing App” is set to “LANDING PAGE”, is the “Direct Landing URL” set and in a valid URL format

5.If set, have you tested the “Direct Landing URL”

6.Are Whitelist URLs added for both DEV & PROD OAuth Redirects

7.Is Deauthorization Notification Endpoint URL set and in a valid URL format

8.Have you tested if the Deauthorization Notification Endpoint URL is operational

9.Is this application subscribing to events

10.Do all Event Subscriptions relate to the app’s short/long description, and make sense to include based on use cases

11.If IM Commands is set, does this app also include all the necessary BOT Scopes

Hey @maheshece32 ,

What specific questions do you have?

Have you referenced the Submission Checklist?


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