OAuth App Submission -- Deauthorization URL

Can someone please explain this part https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/publishing/app-submission/submission-checklist/#8-provide-a-deauthorization-event-url-for-testing

apps must provide a secure endpoint for receiving Deauthorization notifications from Zoom

I do not have any endpoints ready yet. What exactly should I do? What kind of endpoint do I need to provide to Zoom?

@bmartin Hope you will be fine.

You need to create a POST endpoint in API with validation from req.headers.authorization==‘your-verification-token’. You can get your verification token from the Zoom Marketplace App → Features

You can watch the
How to validate and enable Webhooks
Zoom WebHooks (Notifications/Events) - (Zoom WebHooks) - Part 1

If any query still please ask. Thanks

Do I need to do this before submitting the app?

@bmartin Yes, you need.