Need Help in Flutter Integration Steps

I want to integrate Zoom meeting Join Feature in Flutter.

I am facing issue in integrating flutter sdk. Can anyone help me how integrate with
flutter pub dev → flutter_zoom_videosdk plugin.

I can not see any proper documentation from Zoom Developer Support

I did not understand the meaning of this below point

  • Download the SDK package from the Market Place

If i am not wrong i need to create the App Market Place → Develop-> Build App → create Meeting SDK . then download Android and iOS platform SDKs. If this is correct then where we need to add those SDKs. that is not covered in documentation properly.

I also did not understand the step
Flutter SDK Get Started

Is there any sample app code for flutter?

It would be good if i get proper steps of integration process.

Thank you in advance.

@angadiumakant , flutter is available for VideoSDK. It is not available for MeetingSDK.

If you would like to try it out, sign up for a free Video SDK account here Buy it now - Zoom

@chunsiong.zoom Thank you for your time.

So what is a different between Video SDK and Meeting SDK? I want to render zoom meeting in flutter. in this case users can only join the meeting.

Which one to choose?


Meeting SDK allows you to create and join meeting which the regular Zoom Client uses.
Video SDK allows you to create and join video sessions, and they are not compatible with the meeting which Zoom Client uses.

@chunsiong.zoom Thank you.

We already have license for Zoom. Where can i find the Video SDK in market place? any link can we get?

@angadiumakant ,

Video SDK is a different product, you cannot use Zoom License for Video SDK.
You will need to sign up for a new account on Buy it now - Zoom

There is a free tier which entitles you to 10,000 minutes monthly, which is perfect for dev and testing.

Only after signing up, then you will be able to create a Video SDK app type, and download Video SDK for Flutter

Oh okay thank you very much @chunsiong.zoom