Zoom Video SDK for Flutter integration

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I’m trying to follow these instructions:

I need a bit more info on how to add Zoom Video SDK for Flutter option in to my current Zoom account. Currently, I have the “Zoom One Business” plan and I want to add the Zoom Video SDK for Flutter to that plan, so I can have the “Build Video SDK app” option in my Marketplace. Is this something that can be done?
If not, please let me know what are my options.

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Hi @MelisaB
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Can you please take a look at the following link

You will need to create a separate account to be able to generate SDK credentials

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So, to clarify, will I need to set up a separate billing account as well, to be able to use the Video SDK?

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Yes @MelisaB
This is needed if you want to use video SDK credentials

Thank you @elisa.zoom for your replies, much appreciated!

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