Need help to choose app type

I want to use zoom api to create/update a meeting and send webhook in nodeJs. but I don’t which app/api to use.

Hi @ihc.edu111
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Before I suggest you an app type, could you please specify if the app you are trying to build is going to be for internal purposes or do you want your app to make API calls on behalf of 3rd party users?

the app will create meeting internally in the backend, and I want to get participants report after the meeting end.

Amazing, so my suggestion would be to implement our Server to Server Oauth app

I tried to make a request to get participants reports but I got error
“ZoomError: Only available for Paid or ZMP account:”

Hi @ihc.edu111
Right, some of our endpoints require higher plans to be able to access.
You can find that in the Prerequisites in every endpoint.
Here is an example:

but I’m already subscribed in One Pro

@ihc.edu111 What endpoint are you trying to call? can you specify that please

Ah, I see!
To be able to access Master account endpoint, you have to be in the program for the Master account:

But you should be able to access the report endpoint here:

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for any one have same issue you have to use this endpoint

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