Need help with Flutter plugin and Zoom API

Hi Guys,

I hope you’re doing well. How can we open the meeting link in the mobile browser without showing a dialog box? We want users to directly get into the meeting room without asking meeting id and password or signing with email. Currently, I am able to do the same on web browsers using zoom API but if we open the same generated meeting link it shows the UI is not responsive and the buttons are shown zoom out. We found it can be done while we open the meeting in mobile browsers and it shows video and audio features and no other features. We would like your help in understanding how we can open generated meeting links in mobile browsers

Our platform technology is built on Flutter and Zoom doesn’t have any official SDK but we would like to open a meeting inside an in-app browser if you can help to make it responsive. Kindly help us with the right parameters which we can set while creating a meeting using API.

@meeting ,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum. As previously mentioned, we do not currently have an official Flutter SDK, making it challenging to provide support for your implementation. However, we do have plans to release one on our roadmap. Regarding how to open generated meeting links in mobile browsers, you may want to consider implementing a deep link flow from the application to the browser for opening meetings. Here is a helpful post on this topic for reference:

. Please let us know if this help!