Need help with opening zoom meeting url in mobile browser

Hi Folks,

Trying to figure out how we can open the meeting directly in the browser without a dialog box for the zoom app. we managed to open the meeting URL in the desktop browser with some modification to the URL but if the same URL is opened in the mobile browser, it enters the meeting but the whole page become zoom out and not responsive.

Can anyone please help us open the meeting link with responsive in a mobile browser? Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank You,

You can use zoomus://

See this link on zoom docs for examples


Thank you for your response. I am looking to open the Zoom URL in a mobile browser (chrome, firefox, or default). The document shows for mobile app implementation

Oh…Sorry I hadn’t well understood your question earlier

The zoom URL is hosted by Zoom, to open it in a browser. So making it responsive is up to their design (or lack of it), I guess

Have you thought about embedding zoom in your own responsive web site/page?

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