Create & Launch Zoom meeting in Android WebView

Hi there,

I’m trying to launch a zoom meeting inside Android’s WebView (just like we can join zoom meeting on chrome desktop browser).

But it asks me to download the Zoom app from playstore. There’s no option to launch meeting in the android webview itself. I’m attaching a screenshot of the android webview with a meeting link open.

What I was is the “Join from your Browser” link to be open in webview, using which meeting will start in the webview itself. Attaching a screenshot of that as well.

Can you tell me is there a way to get this “Join From Your Browser” link via Create Meeting API ? The link I currently receive opens the page in the 1st screenshot which is not useful.

Let me know if you need more info.

Hi @administrator1,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and good question.

To clarify, the API doesn’t return a browser-based URL by default, but you can use the following format to imitate this behavior:

Let me know if this helps. :slight_smile:


@will.zoom This link works, but the camera and audio aren’t working in the webview. Even though permissions have been provided for both.

Do you think it’s a problem with Zoom Browser implementation ?

Hi @administrator1,

Thanks for confirming. To clarify, are you opening this meeting directly inside of webview, rather than the browser itself? If so, I should clarify that we do not explicitly support webview or iFraming Zoom Meetings, and this url is intended to be used directly in the browser. (webview or iFraming will cause issues with sharing access to camera/mic from the browser and other shared resources).

The supported method to embed Zoom in Android is to utilize the Android SDK.


Even though you don’t support it explicitly, I guess if the meeting can be opened in external browser, then it should be able to work on a webview.

Could you provide/direct me to any resources which would help me with this camera and audio problem ? It’d be really helpful.


Hi @administrator1,

While we don’t support this, if you wish to try this, you will most likely need to add additional persmissions in order for your webview and the browser’s camera/audio access to function together properly.

I recommend checking out StackOverflow for this. You may find some of these helpful:


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