Need to delete zoom web sdk in my acccount

i have created a zoom web sdk and i want to delete that app, when i go to created apps in zoom and in action tab im not able to delete that app and also i don’t want to publish my app to zoom market place and also i’m not able to create another web sdk app. Please help me to delete that app so that i can create another one from scratch.

@zoom its been two days that i requested for an action for zoom web sdk deletion, but no reply from zoom community. Kindly do the same ASAP.

@tommy please help me delete that zoom web sdk which iam not able to delete and also im not able create another one.
Thanks in advance.

Hey @suthindran.rao ,

There is no way to “delete” the SDK App type from the marketplace configure page.

Instead of needing a fresh SDK App type, you can just edit the configuration. If you need us to do a hard reset, please open a ticket on


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