New crash after upgrading android meeting SDK to 5.11.3

@ajayalag1974 ,
Please send the logs via private message. To do so, click on the Icon with my picture, then click Message. For reference, here is a screenshot of what that looks like:


Thanks @donte.zoom !

When I click on your icon, I don’t see the message button though.

@dan1994 ,

Strange, just sent a message to your inbox. Please check when feasible.


Thanks for the logs. Would you be able to provide the steps to reproduce as well so I can share it with our engineer team?

Hi @donte.zoom,

Sure. To reproduce the crash we joined the zoom meeting in our app and then put the app in the background. When we eventually brought our app to the foreground again it crashed. We were only able to reproduce it one time even though we tried many times so it won’t happen every time the user performs this behavior.


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Thanks, @dan1994 ! I wil share this information with our team.

Hi, @dan1994 ,

Brought this issue up to our engineers and it was shared that this is a known issue that will be fixed in resolved in v5.12.6. Please follow our changelog to stay up to date with the latest updates and fixes:

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Thanks for the update! Do have any idea how soon 5.12.6 will be released?

@dan1994 ,

There is no date set yet, however, it should be released soon [ZOOM-440572]. I will work to get more insight into when the release will be.

@donte.zoom sounds good. Thanks for all of the help

It is my pleasure @dan1994. Feel free to ping me here for updates as well.

Hi @donte.zoom ,

I’m just wondering if there’s any update regarding when version 5.12.6 of the meeting sdk will be released?


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