New meetings created by Zoom API cannot be joined by Zoom Web SDK

Today when I create a new meeting via the Zoom API, using the same code as before, I get a meeting ID that cannot be joined by either the Zoom Web SDK or the macOS native client.


Join error in macOS native client:
Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 1.28.25 PM

Join error in Zoom Web SDK, using the SDK sample app:


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. POST to the endpoint to create a meeting. Extract the Meeting ID and Password.
  2. Try to join that meeting as a Host via either the macOS native client or the Web SDK.

Hey @david.foster,

Can you try creating another meeting and letting me know if that works? I am occasionally seeing this issue and think it is related to meetingIDs running out of combinations at a given point in time.


I was not able to repro this morning, just now.

In case you want to trace the successful meeting I just created, it is ID: 898932239

To summarize recent events:

  • Fri 4/3 (10am Pacific) - Web SDK outage (starts)
  • Sat 4/4 - Web SDK outage (continues)
  • Sun 4/5 - Web SDK outage (continues)
  • Mon 4/6 - Web SDK outage (continues)
  • Tues 4/7 (5pm Pacific) - Web SDK outage (ends)


  • Fri 4/10 - Create Meeting API (intermittent?) outage

This does not inspire confidence in depending on the Zoom API or Zoom Web SDK for critical functionality. Take note.

Hey @david.foster,

In order to scale for the massive increase in users, we had to work on the Web SDK for that weekend.

Are you still seeing the join meeting issue?


As of just now, I was able to successfully create a meeting with the Zoom API and join it with the Zoom SDK. (In case it matters, it looks like instant meetings are now getting created with 11-digit IDs rather than 9-digit IDs.)

Earlier this morning, around 8-10 AM Pacific I was able to create a meeting with the Zoom API (again with an 11-digit ID), but was NOT able to join it.

Hey @david.foster,

Yes meeting IDs are now 11 digits. Glad you were able to create a meeting! :slight_smile:

You couldn’t join it with the Web SDK or Mac App? Same errors?


I couldn’t join it with the Web SDK. I think it was the same error, but I don’t remember precisely.

Hey @david.foster,

Can you see if it still does not work? Please provide a screenshot of the error if you see one.


I presume this issue was now fixed several days ago, since I’ve been able to create+join meetings for all of the last 5 week days.

I would recommend that the Zoom development team add automated end-to-end tests for their REST API and Web SDK. I infer that these must not exist, because I can’t see how basic functionality like creating/joining/listing meetings could be allowed to break if such automated tests were actually in place.

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Happy to hear it is working for you now! :slight_smile:

This was due to an issue where meetingID combinations were running out so it had an affect on our APIs and SDKs. This has since been fixed, and we do have end to end tests. :slight_smile: