New Webinar Registration if Zoom client upgrades

Hello there!

We have had an issue identifying some of our pre-registered webinar users on the API because their registration changes when they connect, despite us having set (and locked) the option to prevent people renaming themselves on a webinar. We have managed to re-create this and it happens if the zoom client upgrades.

A user can be prompted to upgrade when they click a Join URL. After the upgrade is finished and the zoom client restarts they are prompted to enter a name and email address. In our scenario they will always use a different email to that they registered with so we are unable to identify them in our system from the registered email addresses.

From an API point of view, when this happens we observe that a new registration is created (completely new registrant id). In addition to not having a previous record of this registrant (which is a problem for us as we do the registration using the API), this could potentially cause some people problems i they cap the registrants on a webinar.

The endpoint we observe the new registration on is /webinars/:id/registrants

To reproduce:

  1. Create a webinar and add a registrant too it so you have a join URL
  2. Dig out a machine running an older zoom client (found an old Windows 10 / Zoom 5.5.4 in my case)
  3. Use join URL to connect to webinar - prompted to upgrade to latest version
  4. After the upgrade the zoom client restarts and I’m prompted to enter a new email address and name
  5. After the webinar ends, go get the data from the webinar and observe your newly registered user from 4 with a brand new join url

As additional context we raised this as a support ticket but were pointed here! If there are any workarounds or advice on how to link to the original registrant record in the API (tried joinurl/registrant id which didn’t work) it would be much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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